The most significant issue facing the Eastern Shore is our economy.  The Eastern Shore’s economy is rooted in working men and women, along with small businesses, which includes those who work on the water and on our farms.  These are the people who have been hit the hardest by new taxes, fees and the multitude of regulations that have been handed down by Annapolis.  In addition, the Eastern Shore cannot rely on the federal government as a steady stream of revenue to help keep local businesses afloat. 

The Eastern Shore needs tax reforms to generate long-term economic growth and hopefully end the migration of so many to less-costly states.

We need to reevaluate many of the new fee increases, reduce or eliminate new fees that are not justified, and we need to implement safeguards to prevent new arbitrary, unjustified fee increases.

We need to inject common sense into our regulatory process.  The multitude of regulations in Maryland has helped make us one of the most unfriendly business states in America.  A classic example of how this affects the Eastern Shore is that two of our strongest industries, seafood and agriculture, cite government regulations as their greatest economic challenge.