I am opposed to the recently enacted “gun ban” because it does little to reduce gun violence and it restricts the ability of law-abiding residents to purchase a firearm for self-defense.  Our gun laws should focus on criminals, not law-abiding citizens.

Crime is a growing problem throughout Maryland and on the Eastern Shore.  My public safety priorities are to keep drugs out of the hands of our children; reform our state penitentiary system and work with law enforcement to implement an effective plan to address the proliferation of gangs.

I have extensive experience working on prison overcrowding by addressing the issue of recidivism.  I helped craft the Second Chance Act, a law aimed at preparing inmates for reentry to society so that they do not wind up returning to prison.  The Second Chance Act also focuses on rehabilitating nonviolent offenders.  Part of reforming our penitentiary system should include focusing on curbing the tide of recidivism, which saves money, lives and helps heal communities.