Mautz to Run for House of Delegates

Johnny Mautz, a St. Michaels native, has officially announced his intention to run on the republican ticket for the Maryland House of Delegates on 2014. He seeks to represent District 37B, which includes: Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline, and Wicomico counties. The seat is currently held by Jeannie Haddaway who, in July of this year, was tapped to run alongside David Craig in his bid for governor.

“When Jeannie announced she was running for Lieutenant Governor and that her seat would be open in the House of Delegates, my first thought was that it is a really important position,” explains Mautz. “I thought of my family and friends and how they have struggled with the policies coming out of Annapolis.”

Mautz is no stranger to politics. He worked as a Special Assistant to Governor Ehrlich from 2003 to 2006 where he dealt with matters pertaining to the Departments of the Environment, Natural Resources, Planning, Agriculture, Transportation, Business and Economic Development. Mautz utilized his law degree in the late 1990s and early 2000s working as counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary committee. He currently is the Legislative Director for U.S. Representative Howard Coble, working on regulatory reform and intellectual property law as well as maintaining oversight of the Department of Justice and the federal Judiciary.

Though he has experience in both national and state politics, he is a true Eastern Shore local. He attended The Country School as well as St. Michaels Middle and High Schools. “I am fully invested in the Eastern Shore,” says Mautz. “It is my home.”

His family has owned Carpenter Street Saloon in St. Michaels since 1981. He took over the management of the restaurant from his mother a few years ago and, as such, has first hand knowledge of the issues confronting small businesses in Maryland. “I want to try to provide some relief to working families and small business by examining the current taxes, fees, and regulations they are dealing with,” explains Mautz. “I want to drive more investment in our community and encourage one or two staple businesses to come to the Shore. I don’t think we ever fully recovered from losing Black & Decker.”

Mautz, like many on the Shore, grew up fishing, sailing, and camping. “We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world,” Mautz says. “The Chesapeake Bay has a huge impact on all of our lives; it stretches across all industries.”

While serving with Governor Ehrlich, Mautz worked with the poultry industry to develop new best practices and reduce runoff. “Over the years there have been so many solutions put forth to save the Bay. I think government should be working to bring people to the table: waterman, farmers, cities, and towns,” he says. “Rather than just hand down regulations, I feel it is better to work together to find a solution.”

Mautz is a firm believer in local government and has a passion for our local heritage. “The Eastern Shore is a family,” he says. “We need someone in Annapolis who truly understands the Eastern Shore and who wants to protect what we have here. Otherwise, we just become another suburb in Maryland.”

By: Leslie Orndoff – Eastern Shore Savvy

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